The Ferrands Brand

In the late 1940’s Denis Devaux established a dairy farm at Ferrands Estate in Cul-de-Sac valley just south of Castries, the capital city of Saint Lucia.

At this time Ferrands milk was sold still warm-from-the-cow in pint and quart bottles out of the Devaux family home on Brazil Street in Castries.

By the early 1960’s it was becoming increasingly difficult to meet the fresh milk demand so in 1964, the first Ferrands Dairy milk processing plant was opened at Mayfield in Castries.

The Early Years

In the early years of production, plain milk and flavoured milk were the main products although an ice cream trade was started utilizing bulk cans. Independent vendors sold Ferrands’ ice cream on the streets of Castries from home built wooden ice cream carts, a trade which spread throughout the island and continues to this day.

On the completion of his schooling in 1970 Denis’ son Charles joined the family business. He soon launched Ferrands ‘Special’ Ice Cream and, as demand for this product grew, it gradually became the mainstay product of the company.

Expansion to New Factory

In 1998 Ferrands moved into a new processing plant at Ferrands Estate in Cul-de-Sac, the original home of the company. Facilitated by a staff of more than 45 employees its product line includes: more than 30 ice cream flavours; novelties such as the Ferrands ‘Highball’, Chocolate coated ice cream bars and Creamsicles; 99% Fat Free Natural and Fruit Yogurt, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet.

Future Plans

For more than a generation Ferrands has been a part of Saint Lucian culture and history, and a large part of its success is attributed to the excellent local support it has enjoyed. Its employees are familiar with the meaning of ‘Ferrands Quality’ and no effort is spared to maintain the same high quality in customer service.